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Pay Per Click & SEO

Do you have a proactive strategy for getting new leads via organic and paid traffic? Take your Restoration business to the next level with optimized Google Ads and high quality content rich pages.

Pay Per Click is an online marketing strategy in which you only pay when potential clients click on your ad. We provide you with insight on actionable data that includes keywords, conversions, ad performance, and bid optimization suggestions to leverage this marketing strategy for your restoration business. While pay per click advertising is pretty basic, managing a successful search account is not. Many restoration business owners are unable to dedicate the time, this is where KMC Restoration Marketing can help. We help you every step of the way only going after the most relevant keywords and keeping your restoration business ahead of the competition.

Search engines want to provide the best service and results for their users.  This means results on search engine pages must provide high quality and relevant content based on the terms the user is looking for. To do this, search engines scan websites and determine how user friendly the site is. Our SEO process ensures your Restoration business site ranks high in search engine result pages for keywords and phrases. For instance, your website could have blog posts about fire safety tips or post construction cleaning. Our job is to optimize your posts so that anyone searching for the phrase “fire safety tips” or “post construction cleaning” will see your website first, in turn this will help you reach and engage with more customers.  When your website has more engaging and effective SEO content your organic traffic increases. 


What is SEO? What is Pay Per Click?

SEO is search engine optimization and it is the process of improving your Restoration Business site’s organic traffic and ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, and other search engines. Pay Per Click is an online marketing strategy in which you only pay when potential clients click on your ad.

Do you have advertising minimums?

Aside from our one time setup fee and your monthly service fee, our ad spend minimum is $1,000.

I've tried Pay Per Click ads before but they didn't work. How is this any different?

If you don’t use the right keywords than you won’t attract the right type of jobs.  Working with restoration contractors all over the country requires us to know what people search for when they need your services. We’ll write thoughtful and relevant ads around the keywords your prospect are searching for getting you more bang for your buck. For example: If someone is searching because they have had a grease fire in the kitchen the ads might say, “Have you had a recent grease fire in your kitchen? XYZ Restoration Contractor provides grease fire damage cleanup services. Get a free estimate by calling.”

When will I see results for my Restoration Business?

You will start to see the results of a fully fledge SEO strategy within 6 months. Search engines like Google and Bing want to ensure the best results for their users so it takes time to rank. During this time you’ll receive monthly reports indicating rank, website traffic, and competitor tracking. 

How it Works?

Our team conducts an assessment of your website. We check to see if your website is optimized for conversion, SEO, Google Maps. Once we complete our assessment, we send you a detailed analysis at which point we can schedule your Strategy Session.  During your session we discuss how your Restoration business can leverage the following: 

  • Google Analytics
  • Email & Marketing Automation
  • Website Optimizatiom
  • Social Media Channels

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